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Mini Plunger Sucker Stand for Handheld Devices (Single)

SKU: TA-plunger-sgle

The Sucker Stand sucks onto clean, hard surfaces to prop up your favorite iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPod or other gadgets so you can go hands-free and watch videos and web chat. Pick from 10 chic colors.

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Looking for a 5 value-pack? We’ve got ‘em!

Retaining genetic lineage of the suck from its un-evolved Neanderthal predecessor, the toilet bowl plunger, this sucker has shed the ugliness of its bathroom origins.

What it does: suck and stand

With a bit of encouragement from a light sprinkle of water, the Sucker Stand will happily cling to the clean, hard surfaces of your device of choice (smartphones, regular cell phones, iPods, or any other gadget), or any other object that begs to be propped up (small metal picture frame, maybe?). So you can watch videos hands-free, or text and go on speaker phone without the worry of slowly inducing neck pain or wrinkles.


These suckers also make wallet-friendly novelty gifts for the budget-conscious, uniquely original party favors for the hard to impress, a tongue-in-cheek thank-you present to your plumber, or tie it to a string to make a new toy for your cat.

*As a friendly reminder, very slight color differences will exist between the photo and the actual product. Petty differences exist due to light, shooting angle, monitor display, personal color recognition and other factors.