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Emerald-Cut Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver


Rectangular rose quartz emerald cut necklace pendant. Valued through the ages and across civilizations, the rose quartz crystal has been associated with love and the heart. Now wear this semi-precious stone close to yours, or give as a gift so she can keep you close to heart.

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Description & Specification

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Wear history’s most storied stone, the crystal, with this faceted rose quartz emerald-cut necklace pendant. Choose from the XX bale (photos 1 and 2), or the LL bale (photos 3 and 4).

One of the oldest and hardest minerals known to man, crystals score a high 7 on Mohs scale for abrasion-resistance (only outmatched by the diamond, sapphire and topaz), giving its brilliant shine.

This iridescence and toughness captured the collective imagination across eras and civilizations. Over the course of 100,000 years, many metaphysical and healing properties have been attributed to the rose quartz.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. Valued for its healing energy of love, restoring trust and harmony in relationships, this semi-precious gemstone was used to encourage love and compassion. Scholars also prescribed the rose quartz to open the heart to wisdom, dedication, and inner strength, and prized the crystal for its ability to heal heartache, aide circulation and promote fertility.

This emerald cut rose quartz pendant is crafted in rhodium-plated sterling silver to avoid tarnishes and oxidation, providing a beautiful everlasting finish.

Size: 14X10mm

*Pendant only, necklace not included

**Metaphysical and healing properties are not intended to replace professional medical assistance!

***Crystals may have natural occurring lines